I have worked with horses full time since 1991, covering many disciplines. Beginning with event horses, then dressage, stud work, driving, show jumping and some excellent breaking/schooling yards. In 1995 I passed the BHS stage 4 at Huntley School of Equitation in Gloucestershire.

My passion has always been horses, particularly in giving young horses the correct training/foundation work to enable them to fully understand  their role and what is expected of them by us. They can then have a happy life without misunderstandings.

Hence my fascination with equine dentistry, as any equine will have difficulty in learning and progressing if there is any pain or discomfort in their mouth. Therefore, before starting any young horse, or helping clients with any problems they may be having with their horse, I always check inside the mouth first. It is so important that the horse is not in pain, and will not be caused pain by wearing a bridle and being ridden. I am also fully insured to ride your horse, if requested, to assess and help with any bitting issues.

I have bred, backed and produced my own youngsters for over 20 years and have worked freelance for many years, not just backing/schooling but also helping clients with any problems they might be having. I always try to understand and search for the cause of any problem so it can be fully resolved. Treating the symptoms alone, whether cause is physical, behavioural or psychological, is not usually sufficient to resolve misunderstandings.

Training as a Equine Dental Technician was the best move I have ever made as it is so important, and connected to, everything I do with horses. It enables me to take care of all my own horses teeth, and all the horses I back and ride/school for clients. Plus any other horses whose owners choose to use me as their equine dentist.

I am incredibly patient and gentle with horses and this is usually reflected in their behaviour when having their dental examination and treatment performed.

I cover the south west of England, treating all types of horses, ponies, donkeys, even alpacas. I also travel to Texas, USA once a year to treat horses at a rescue centre. Approximately half had never been haltered, yet they allow me to halter them, apply the speculum (gag), examine and then float their teeth. It’s so incredible – how can I not keep going back?! See link to Happy Horse Haven Rescue (HHH), Texas.



Home-bred/trained 5yr old at first comp’ July 2016