“I have known Emma for several years since her arrival in North Devon as a client of my equine practice.

Before she embarked on her dental course, I used her talents on a regular basis to handle and educate young Connemara’s – preparing them for sale, including bitting and backing. She has a natural inborn aptitude for handling horses – such people are rare and to be valued.

When she began her career as a dental technician some years ago, she asked if she could refine her technique on my brood mares and their progeny. I was impressed by her gentle handling and patience and her ability to gain a horse’s trust. Since then she has provided regular dental care to a growing number of my clients. Reports have been good, complaints nil.

I have no hesitation in recommending her technique and her approach to her patients”.

Brian Crawford B.V.M. & S. M.R.C.V.S.


” I am delighted to be able to offer my recommendation of Emma Johnston as an Equine Dental Technician.  In addition to her obvious extensive knowledge and technical competence, I have seen and admired how she gains the total trust of horses through giving them time and patience. One of my own horses who had previously been almost impossible to treat (even to administer a worming dose) is now quite happy to have her teeth attended to with no resort to sedation.  Emma has also gained the trust of all my youngsters from foals so they have no fear of “the dentist”, gags or rasps.

I was so impressed with Emma’s expertise and handling of all my youngsters both as their Dental Technician, and through her previous riding experience in international commercial yards, that I asked her to  help start  all my warmblood/thoroughbreds  with their  careers.  I and their new owners are all delighted with the confident, well adjusted, young horses she has helped produce”.

Marilyn Richards
President of the North Devon Riding Club


“Emma has been visiting my horses, and ponies, to attend to their teeth, for a number of years. I have been consistently impressed by her careful and thorough approach to her work. Her kindly persistence enables even the reluctant and hesitant equine candidates to submit to this necessary procedure! I have always found Emma to be scrupulous in her time keeping – it has been my pleasure to work with this knowledgeable and thoroughly professional lady”.

Alison Huxtable, N Devon


“Emma Johnston has a wonderful hand with horses and a thorough knowledge of Equine Dentistry which she applies with thought and consideration. She takes all the time needed to complete each job correctly and does not hesitate to show and explain to the client exactly what has been done and why. We have found that our horses significantly improved both in general wellbeing and condition under Emma’s regular care. We highly recommend Emma to look after your equine dental needs”.

Bradstone Stud (Devon)


“I proudly recommend Emma Johnston and have seen immediate results from her work in each and every case. My name is Shari Frederick. I have been an educator of natural alternatives for over 30 years. Over the past 10 years I volunteer, rescue, rehab, train & re-home horses, as well as write. On Emma’s last visit to the rescue she positively impacted the mouths of 78 horses (primarily untrained equine and some known to be disagreeable). She is completely professional 100% of the time. I have complete confidence in her extraordinary skill, strong ethic & pure heart. Emma gives her “all” to each & every horse. Her focus is always on the long term care and health of your horses teeth and mouth. She is generous of her time and intuitive about how to evoke the needed partnership for your horse to feel safe. Emma can work inside your horses mouth safely and efficiently because she emits a calm work environment which encourages your horse to willingly participate. Her work is meticulous and purposeful while directed at the individual needs of your horse. She takes the time to make long term plans and takes very specific notes to assure no detail is left out. Because of my respect for the uncommon care Emma gives, I made a face book page entitled “Healthy Horse Hygiene” highlighting a few of Emma’s equine cases. My purpose in this recommendation and in the educational page is to encourage other horse owners to have their horses teeth checked. be If you have an opportunity for Emma to service your horse you and your horse will benefit beyond measure! Regular dental care will support and improve your horses health, comfort, and performance”.

Shari Frederick BS, NMD, LE 

Founder Happy Horse Haven Rescue

The use of sedation when having our horses teeth treated was a real
cause for concern. Emma came to us on recommendation, an equine
dentist practising without the use of sedation. Her rapport with
horses is exceptional. Our two Thoroughbreds trusted her straight away
and each session has been a stress free success. Emma works patiently
and effectively within the individual horses comfort zone. Our horses
have never looked better despite them being 17 and 25 years old”.

Nicole Anthony

Parracombe, Devon